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    Frequently Asked Question!

    What is the cost of shipping?

    Disc Golf Dyes offers flat rate shipping at $4.20 for every order in the United Sates, regardless of quantity ordered.

    Can Disc Golf Dyes customize my discs?

    Custom design can be created on any premium quality plastic. Blend, soft, and DX plastics are not recommended.

    Can Disc Golf Dyes create design for my artwork?

    Yes! Submit your graphic in the form of .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .svg, or ping. (no photos) If you need assistance, Disc Golf Dyes will help with every step!

    How long does the dye process take?

    The dye process time depends upon the amount of detail and the number of colors. Single color designs are usually processed within 24 hours. Color designs usually require about one day per color.

    Can Disc Golf Dyes add personal logo to designs?

    Absolutely! In fact, customization is encouraged. Nickname, PDGA number, personal logo or text can be added and is a free service from Disc Golf Dyes!

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